Biochemistry Intern/Trainee

The biochemistry intern will work alongside, and in support of, R&D scientists. The biochemistry  team is a diverse, collaborative group working on in vitro diagnostics. The intern will be supervised and mentored by a scientist.  Interaction with Project Leaders and other team members outside of biochemistry, including engineers, will occur on a daily basis as needed during the internship period.

Basic Knowledge: The intern will obtain basic knowledge related to in vitro diagnostic research, development, design and testing.  Candidates will be expected to have basic laboratory knowledge and skills including the use of pipettes, general computer applications competencies (word processing, spreadsheet, internet data search, software programming, etc.), and strong oral and written communication skills.

Project Activities: This position will include following oral and written instructions, understanding and following protocols, documentation of experiments and work performed, some basic analysis of data obtained (with guidance and training), and troubleshooting.

Undergraduate students in any chemistry or biology programs with a GPA of 3.0 or higher will be considered.  Completion of at least sophomore year of undergraduate studies is preferred, but not required.