Dinosaur National Monument

Education Assistant

Project Description: The SIP intern will assist in developing educational materials for two 2-day Girl Scout STEM Camps occurring in the summer of 2022. Primary areas of emphasis for this position are the development and execution of STEM educational content for youth, including but not limited to topics such as: Mesozoic paleontology, Fremont archaeology, local botany, and regional biology. As part of this process, the SIP will improve educational understanding for local youth on:

1) how natural, cultural, and paleontological resources are preserved and what we can learn from them;

2) how these resources are pertinent to our everyday lives and to issues in the news today, like climate change; and

3) how to be advocates and youth stewards of park resources so that these resources can be enjoyed and protected for the future.

The SIP will have the ability to help develop course content, work on science communication skills, & will support research taking place by DINO staff & research associates, with the help of Girl Scout Camp participants. One of the main STEM Camps’ impact goals is to increase the participants’ interest in STEM, increasing their confidence in their STEM-related abilities, educating girls about STEM careers, & exposing girls to STEM professionals, while utilizing the resources of DINO in an outdoor classroom setting. The purpose of Dinosaur National Monument is to protect, study, and provide access to extraordinary fossil deposits of dinosaurs and other life, a record of thousands of years of human occupation and use, and the wild and ecologically diverse landscape shaped by the Green and Yampa Rivers.

Work Products: Deliverables include the development of educational materials and activities for STEM camps. Educational content will be developed in conjunction with supervisors to cover specific topics and locations, but a degree of independence and latitude is allowed, based on interns’ past educational experiences. Preparation of abstracts and presentations for professional annual meetings will be encouraged for participants planning to attend with the park’s involvement and permission.

APPLY: https://rock.geosociety.org/eo/viewJob.asp?jobID=3275