HawkWatch International

Eagle Vehicle Strike Intern

HawkWatch is studying eagle vehicle strike risk associated with feeding on roadkill during fall and winter months, when live prey is less available. Recently, University of Utah interns completed a review of over 2 million images captured at roadkill camera traps, including over 90,000 eagle pictures. This effort helped us identify 10 m as a safe distance to move roadkill to allow eagles to feed without flushing. We are conducting the next phase of this research, which includes the relocation of roadkill to verify increased eagle use and safety, this winter in Wyoming. To date, we have acquired another 3 million images, with additional images being captured daily through 2021. We welcome your help in this fascinating review of images. Interns will learn eagle identification and aging techniques, behavior classification and data entry, and how image data can contribute to solving real-time conservation issues.

To apply: Email your resume and cover letter to jacqueline.broida@utah.edu to be considered.