Organization: Nadkarni Lab, University of Utah

Mission: To provide pathways that broaden understanding and exchange between Youth-In-Custody and STEM communities.

Vision: All Youth-In-Custody connected creatively to STEM.

Description: The STEM Community Alliance Program (STEMCAP) seeks interns for the 2021-2022 academic year. STEMCAP connects Youth-In-Custody (YIC) to STEM communities through inquiry-based and interactive STEM programming that places scientists, artists, and community educators inside Utah YIC centers. The Program offers science education programming, experiential learning opportunities, and conservation projects to help YIC self-identify as science-capable learners while helping to empower them by demonstrating ways they can contribute to their community and the STEM workforce. Current partner facilities include Decker Lake Youth Center, Salt Lake Valley Youth Center, Slate Canyon Youth Center, Farmington Bay Youth Center, and Millcreek Youth Center.

Applicants should not hold any ill feelings or biases towards systems-impacted youth/youth with incarceration histories. We strongly encourage individuals directly impacted by incarceration to apply.

Number of Internships: 1-2

Hours: 10 hours/week

The main task of the STEMCAP intern will be to develop and facilitate 2-3 workshops for YIC related to potential STEM careers or educational opportunities (see suggested topics list below). Currently, STEMCAP workshops do not directly address post-release/transfer opportunities. Hence, the intern would be a valuable asset to the STEMCAP vision and team. This internship requires reliable transportation. This position also requires excellent communication and follow-through skills. Specific tasks include:

  • Satisfactorily complete U of U Drivers’ Training
  • Attend STEMCAP training
  • Attend a minimum of 2 STEMCAP workshops
  • Research educational and professional opportunities (see list of suggested topics below) for YIC post-release/transfer
  • Develop 2-3 hour-long workshops focused on educational and professional opportunities (topic to be approved by STEMCAP Program Manager)
  • Prepare materials for workshops
  • Lead 2-3 hour-long workshops for YIC at a single Center
  • Create folders/packets including information about future careers and educational opportunities for YIC to receive when released or transferred
  • Write a recommendation letter to be used as a template for YIC to request from STEMCAP staff

Suggested Topics/Areas of Interest for Workshop Series

  • Options for career or education open to systems impacted youth
  • Applying to an undergraduate program
    • finding scholarships
    • applying to scholarships
    • how to write an essay for an application
    • how to make a resume
    • applying for financial aid
    • programs on campus that can provide application help
    • community vs. state colleges and universities
    • balancing work and school
    • services on campus for learning disabilities and other accommodations
  • Career paths that do not require college degrees
    • how to find these jobs
    • how to apply for these jobs
  • Pathways for obtaining a GED
  • Options for YIC who will be transferred to prison

To apply: please send the following to

  1. Cover letter addressing why you want to intern with STEMCAP and highlighting any relevant experience.
  2. Resume or CV.
  3. Schedule of availability (at least 10 hours per week).

Questions? Send them to