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College of Science Council and Standing Committees

A variety of faculty councils and committees ensure the effective administration of the College of Science. Different committees represent faculty, students, and the interests of the College in relation to the University of Utah.

College of Science Council

Executive Committee

Member Role
Henry S. White (Chair) Dean, College of Science
M. Denise Dearing Distinguished Professor and Chair of Biology
Cynthia J. Burrows Distinguished Professor and Chair of Chemistry
Peter E. Trapa Professor and Chair of Mathematics
Ben Bromley Professor and Chair of Physics and Astronomy
Aaron Fogelson (ex officio) Associate Dean for Research
Diane E. Pataki (ex officio)  Associate Dean for Student Affairs (Jan 2016 forward)

Note: The College of Science Council Executive Committee comprises the Deans, Associate Deans, and Department Chairs of the College of Science.


Member Role Term Ends
Sarah Bush Assistant Professor August 2017
David Goldenberg Professor August 2017
Michael Shapiro Associate Professor August 2016
Ryan Carlisle BioSAC Chair August 2016*
Jacob Cooper GSAC co-Chair August 2016*
Jeremy Morris GSAC co-Chair August 2016*


Member Role Term Ends
Peter Armentrout Distinguished Professor August 2017
Valeria Molinero Associate Professor August 2016
R. Scott Eldredge Undergraduate ChemSAC Representative August 2016*
Kirsten Meek Graduate ChemSAC co-Chair August 2016*
Victoria Russell Graduate ChemSAC co-Chair August 2016*


Member Role Term Ends
Srikanth Iyengar Professor  August 2017
Anurag Singh Professor  August 2017
Yekaterina Epshteyn Assistant Professor  August 2016
Sara Ng USAC Chair  August 2016*
Noble Williamson  USAC Chair   August 2016*
Sean McAfee GSAC co-Chair  August 2016*
Jenna Noll GSAC co-Chair August 2016*

Physics & Astronomy

Member Role Term Ends
Michael Vershinin Professor August 2017
Pearl Sandick Assistant Professor  August 2016 
Juan Valdez USAC Chair  August 2017* 
Anthony Randazzo USAC Chair  August 2017* 
Nathan Gundlach GSAC Chair  August 2017* 
Eddie Thenell   GSAC Chair  August 2017* 

* - College of Science Council members are appointed for four (4) years unless otherwise noted.  All student representatives serve for one (1) year.

Standing Committees

Committee on Admission Standards and Degree Programs

Member Department Term Ends
Gary Rose Biology August 15, 2018
Michael Morse (Chair) Chemistry August 15, 2018
Henryk Hecht Mathematics August 15, 2019
Mikhail (Misha) Raikh Physics & Astronomy August 15, 2019
Victoria Russell Chemistry GSAC co-Chair August 15, 2017*

Curriculum (and Articulation) Committee

Member Department Term Ends
David Goldenberg Biology August 15, 2019
Thomas Richmond Chemistry August 15, 2017
Andrejs Treibergs Mathematics August 15, 2017
Andrey Rogachev (Chair) Physics & Astronomy August 15, 2017
Jeremy Morris Biology GSAC Chair August 15, 2017*

Committee on Retention, Promotion and Tenure (RPT)

Member Department Term Ends
Kelly Hughes (Chair) Biology August 15, 2018
Matthew Sigman Chemistry August 15, 2017
Aaron Bertram Mathematics August 15, 2018
Carleton DeTar Physics & Astronomy August 15, 2020
Paul Bergeron Physics & Astronomy GSAC co-Chair August 15, 2017*
Chris Miles Mathematics GSAC co-Chair August 15, 2017*

Student Member at Large

In case of scheduling conflicts, the Student Member at Large stands in for GSAC members of the above committees.

Member Department Term Ends
Daniel Smolkin Mathematics GSAC August 15, 2017*

* - Standing committee members are appointed for four (4) years unless otherwise noted.  Some faculty members and all student representatives serve instead for one (1) year.

Last Updated: 11/14/16