About the College of Science

Established in July of 1970, the College of Science has become one of the largest colleges within the University of Utah, offering the following undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics & astronomy:

  • Bachelor of Arts, B.A.
  • Bachelor of Sciences, B.S.
  • Master of Arts, M.A.
  • Master of Science, M.S.
  • Master of Statistics, M. Stat.
  • Master of Philosophy, M.Phil.
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D.

The College of Science provides a variety of academic and outreach programs for high school and college students, teachers, alumni, and the general public interested in pursuing science careers or simply enhancing their understanding of the physical sciences.

The College provides systematic programs for those who wish to pursue careers as professional scientists. It presents courses of instruction for students not specializing in science but who plan careers that require a science background. We provide general instruction for those who are studying science as part of a well-rounded education. Those who major in departments of the college are encouraged to develop breadth not only in science disciplines but also in areas outside the sciences.