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College of Science - Staff Excellence Awards

Jim Muller

2019 Staff Excellence Awards

The College of Science is pleased to announce that James Muller and Mary Levine have received the inaugural College of Science Staff Excellence Awards in 2019.  The Staff Excellence Awards were created this year to recognize the impactful contributions from staff in the College and will be an ongoing award in the future.


Mary Levine joined the University of Utah 35 years ago, more than 20 years of this service being in the Department of Mathematics.  She is Assistant to the Chair of Mathematics, and provides administrative support to the faculty.

Jim is the Director of Chemistry’s Mass Spectroscopy Laboratory, and he oversaw construction of the Thatcher Chemistry Building for Biological and Biophysical Chemistry, and the Crocker Science Center.  Both individuals have demonstrated an outstanding level of commitment to the educational and research missions of the College of Science for many years.

The College of Science has many truly wonderful staff who work tirelessly to assist students and faculty. Our sincerest thanks to this group for taking the initiative each day to make the College excellent in so many different ways!

Last Updated: 5/9/19