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Our DNA Magazine

Our DNA Magazine - Fall 2018

Our DNA presents the stories of the School of Biological Sciences. 

The School of Biological Sciences

On August 24, 2018, we celebrated the end of the Department of Biology… because we became the School of Biological Sciences! The new name better represent the size and structure of the faculty research areas. The School has major thrusts in three research divisions: Cellular and Molecular, Ecology and Physiology, and Genetics and Evolution.

Utah’s Nobel Laureate

Mario Capecchi - Lectures on Home Turf. Advancing understanding of neuro-diseases

Chromosomes in Action

Ofer Rog studies the principles and the molecular mechanisms that organize chromosomes, primarily using a tiny roundworm that can barely be seen by the naked eye.

Alumni Spotlight

Before founding ClearChoice Dental Implants, Ole Jensen’s one claim to fame as an undergraduate at the UofU he was tapped to be a “calf sitter,” which meant that he would sit all night with young bovine used in experiments and monitor their heart rates. The calves were a critical part of the University’s artificial organ program which would eventually produce the world’s first artificial heart in the 1980s.

Crimson Laureate Society

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Alumni Updates

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