Requesting Letters of Support from the Dean

The College of Science strongly encourages the nominations of its faculty, staff and students for awards and is happy to submit a letter of support for such nominations provided that requests are made with sufficient advance notice (2 weeks or more preferred) and appropriate materials.

For your convenience, we have created a template for requesting letters from the Dean. The template can be found here or at

Please include the following information/files when making a request for a letter of support from the Dean:

  • The title of the award and the agency granting it
  • A summary of the award. Please include the web address linking to the award if it is available.
  • The name of the chair of the selection committee and the geographic address. An example is given below. 

Dr. Joseph J. Schall

Chair, Big Grant Committee

University of the Caribbean

Some Island, Somewhere xxxx

  • A series of talking points, around 3-5, about the nominee's accomplishments with regard to the award. This information is extremely critical for a strong letter.
  • Include the CV of the nominee and any other relevant material.
  • Details on where the final letter should be sent to. (e.g., to the requestor (you), directly to the committee, a third party, etc.).

In addition, please complete the template pdf and e-mail it to the Dean, the Dean's Assistant, and the writer. In the subject line, please address it as "Request for letter of support for <Nominee>." Contact information for these individuals can be found here and is given below:

Dean  Henry White
Executive Secretary Casey Ames
Writer Justin Parnell


It is also recommended to send an e-mail reminder 3 days before the deadline.