Pride Week 2021

The College of Science recognizes that scientific research benefits from diversity in the lab and in the classroom, and we are working to promote a culture of acceptance, equity, and inclusion in our college. This is ongoing work, and takes the dedication of all of us to strive to improve. The College of Science has developed a series of Zoom backgrounds highlighting LGBTQ+ scientists and mathematicians. We encourage you to use these during Pride Week and beyond. 

The University is planning numerous activities for Pride Week. We hope that students, faculty and staff are able to find ways to participate in these opportunities. 

There are hundreds more scientists than we can include here. The College of Science has an LGBTQ+ STEM Interest Group: More stories and resources are available at the links below:

500 Queer Scientists

Zoom Backgrounds

Please download and use these zoom backgrounds highlighting LGBTQ+ scientists and mathematicians to use during Pride Week and the spring semester.

To add and use a Virtual Background in Zoom:

  • Right click and save the Virtual Background image.
  • Under Zoom - Preferences/Settings, choose Background and Filters.
  • Click the plus sign (+) to the right of Virtual Backgrounds to upload a new background image.
  • For further instructions, consult Zoom's Help Center.