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Faculty Spotlight

Davar Khoshnevisan

Davar Khoshnevisan, a Professor of Mathematics, was recently appointed as the Department Chair for Mathematics at the U. He started a three-year term on July 1, 2017.

“I am honored to serve as Department Chair,” says Khoshnevisan. “We have a world-class faculty, an amazing staff, not to mention fantastic graduate students, visitors, and post docs. It will be a pleasure to work more closely with them toward our many common goals.”

Khoshnevisan specializes in probability theory and its interactions with statistical analysis. Probability deals with predicting the likelihood of chance events, while statistics deals with induction from past data. As such, probability is primarily a theoretical branch of mathematics which studies the potential consequences of mathematical models that involve chance phenomena.

In particular, Khoshnevisan is studying stochastic partial differential equations. These are mathematical models for certain complex systems that arise in statistical mechanics and condensed matter physics, among many other areas.

“I am currently using some of these ideas to investigate open problems on the interface of mathematics and fluid-flow problems. This work seems promising and, if successful, is likely to shed new light on old problems in the mathematical analysis of turbulent transport of passive scalars,” says Khoshnevisan.

His research is supported by the National Science Foundation, and in part by a Young Investigator award from the National Security Administration. In the past five years, he has received about $1.5 million in federal research grants.

Khoshnevisan started at the U in 1993 as an Assistant Professor. He was promoted to full Professor in 2001.

“I was attracted to the Math Department at the U because of its international reputation, and because of the works of Professor Lajos Horvath and Stewart Ethier, specifically. I was fortunate to receive an invitation to visit by Professor Paul Fife, and I knew immediately upon arrival that Utah would be an excellent home for my career and research development,” says Khoshnevisan.

Khoshnevisan has authored several books, including Probability, which is a graduate-level textbook published by the American Mathematical Society in 2007. It is still widely used today.

He also serves as editor for several peer-reviewed journals, such as Annals of Probability, Journal of Fractal Geometry, and the Journal of Theoretical Probability. He was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics in 2015.

Last Updated: 1/25/18