Echelon Biosciences Inc

Biotechnology Intern



Application Deadline: April 7, 2022
Anticipated Start Date: May, 2022
Anticipated End Date: August 2022
Hours/Week: 15 hrs/wk for 12 weeks. Hours can be increased to meet class and/or university requirements            Work Schedule:Specific day to day hours are flexible based on the applicant's university schedule. Hours must be completed during normal working hours M-F 8am-6pm                                                                                                        Work Location: Research Park, Utah
Compensation from host organization: none
Company Website:

Program Requirements:

  • Must have completed at least 30 credit hours by the internship start date
  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Must be a declared major in the College of Science or a recent graduate

Additional Requirements for This Position:

  • Must have a major or minor in Biology or Chemistry OR a related College of Science major (ex. Biomedical Physics)
  • Must have junior or senior standing at the time of application (at least 60 completed college credits, which can include transfer credit, AP test credit, etc.)
  • Must have completed introductory science coursework (ex. BIOL 1210/1610, CHEM 1210, or equivalent) and be enrolled in upper-level science courses.

Position Description:

Echelon Biosciences is a biologic reagents company based in Salt Lake City, UT. We are seeking applications for our Internship Program from qualified and highly motivated university students that are interested in pursuing a career in biotechnology and related fields.

Our program’s goal is to encourage young, aspiring scientists by providing them with a unique environment within the biotechnology sector for project-based training.

Successful applicants will be assigned a project mentor based on the applicant's stated goals and knowledgebase. Successful applicants may be asked to assist with a variety of activities ranging from basic product quality procedures to product research and development.

General application guidelines are as follows:

  • Applicants must be enrolled in a relevant degree program related to the Biological Sciences or Chemistry
  • Applicants must be able to commit to a specified workload of at least half-time*
  • Must have completed science course pre-requisites and be enrolled in upper-level courses; minimum two years of completed course work in total
  • Applicants will also be expected to have good organizational and time management skills

*Time commitment is flexible based on the credit requirements for an applicant’s course and/or university, though the suggested minimum for this requirement would be 15 hrs./week for 12 weeks.

Desired Skills:

  • Basic lab bench skills - pipetting, sample handling, lab safety

Additional Information:

This internship is part of the Facilitated Internship Program.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for the Career Exploration Scholarship.

Contact the internship coordinator at with any questions about the position, program, or scholarship.