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Now more than ever our students need assistance with tuition and living expenses to support their educational experience at the U.

  • Scholarships attract the best students to science, many of whom could not otherwise afford tuition and related expenses. These students are getting world-class training with marketable skills that will improve workforce quality in science, engineering, and technical fields, and thus contribute to the strength of the Utah economy.
  • Graduate students are the foot soldiers of scientific and technological progress. Graduate fellowships provide these M.S. and PhD candidates with the expert training needed to develop as leaders of the next generation of scientific innovators. They are attracted to Utah by the high quality of the faculty and the vigorous research environment. Their work helps to train undergraduates, creates new knowledge in myriad fields of basic and applied science, and provides a crucial source of economic strength for the science-based industries of our state.

Donors interested in assisting with scholarships and fellowships can either contribute to existing funds in the college or establish named funds (endowed or otherwise) in honor of themselves, a beloved faculty mentor, or others. Scholarships and fellowships can be need- or merit-based, and they can specify preference for students in a particular discipline, underrepresented minorities, etc.

Latest scholarship initiatives

  • Freshman Scholarships. Dean Henry White has initiated a new effort to provide $1,000 scholarships to as many entering science students as possible, to help offset the rising costs of tuition. Funds for these scholarships are being provided by our alumni. In 2009 we awarded five scholarships, and in 2010 we were able to raise that to ten. We look forward to continuing to increase the number of students who can receive these need- and merit-based awards.
  • Ronald and Eileen Ragsdale Chemistry Scholarship Endowment. Established with a generous gift of $200,000 from Professor Ron Ragsdale and his wife, Eileen, this scholarship provides both significant financial assistance and research laboratory experience to qualifying chemistry students. In recognition of the great value of this scholarship program and of Dr. Ragsdale’s 47 years of service, the university administration has agreed to match the scholarships generated by this endowment, as well as those from additional contributions to this fund made by December 31, 2014, up to $1 million, thus effectively doubling the impact of gifts to this fund.
  • Corporate scholarship program. The College of Science Advisory Board is engaged in an unprecedented campaign to partner with local and national science-based corporations to create 175 new four-year, full-tuition scholarships for science and mathematics students.

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