Crocker Science Center Internship 

The Crocker Science Center Internship Program is designed for students looking for practical, hands-on laboratory experience in multiple disciplines in order to prepare for a job in industry after graduation.

We are particularly looking for interested students who are currently finishing their first or second semester at the U and have completed at least one laboratory course. Those candidates selected should ideally be able to start participating in the program in May or June 2021. Exceptional candidates may be considered for a start date of August 2021 if they cannot work this summer.

  internship FAQs

Applicants should have completed and passed (at minimum) an intro level lab course in either Biology, Chemistry or Physics by the end of Spring 2021. Advanced labs in these subjects are of course accepted as well, even if an intro level course was not taken. For example, completion of CHEM 1215 OR PHYS 2015 OR BIOL 1615 is sufficient.

This internship is designed as a 3-year program (with some flexibility on a case-by-case basis), to ideally be completed during a student’s sophomore, junior and senior academic years. Students will receive hands-on laboratory experience while helping to manage Crocker Science Center laboratory spaces and prepare equipment, supplies and chemicals/biologicals for laboratory courses taught in the Center. Participants will often work as part of a team with other internship members. In addition, they will be working with, learning from, receiving feedback from and reporting directly to the Manager of Educational Laboratory Facilities at the Crocker Science Center. Also, participants may have the opportunity to work with and learn from staff members/faculty of other departments. Each year, participants will be receiving an increased level of responsibility.

Internship participants are expected to work approximately 15 hours per week (Roughly Aug. 1st to May 7th excluding University holidays and Fall and Spring Break). Weekly scheduling is flexible though participants must be able to complete their hours spread out over at least 3 days during the normal work week (Monday through Friday, 8 am - 5 pm). Students are not expected to work during the summer (though this may be possible) to provide time for other internships, research opportunities or taking additional courses.

First year participants will be compensated at a rate of $15/hr. 2nd and 3rd year participants may receive raises commensurate with the quality of their work. The above pay scale is not guaranteed and is subject to change depending on the performance of the participant.

Email the following to David Thomas at with the subject line "CSC Internship Application":

1) Name and current year in school

2) Attach a one-page cover letter answering the following:

  • Why do you think you would be a good fit for this program?
  • What (if any) experience do you have working in a laboratory environment?
  • What are your career goals after college and why?
  • How does this program align with and support those career goals?

3) Attach a one-page resume

4) Additionally, provide the contact information (name, relation to applicant, phone number and email) for 2 individuals (not family members) who can comment on your work ethic, dedication, ability to think critically, etc.

Ex:  Bob Peterson - Manager at current job



Application emails will continue to be accepted until the internship position is filled.

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