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Pioneering the Future


Pioneer - One that goes before to remove obstructions and prepare the way for others.

The world is rarely changed through complacency. Change requires the focus, tools and mindset to to go forth where none have gone before. These are the qualities of pioneers. We invite you to join our team of pioneers as we blaze a new trail into the future.

Utah lawmakers approved the new, $85 million Interdisciplinary Science Center during the 2020 Legislative Session. This  project will provide new educational and research opportunities for the Department of Physics & Astronomy and the Department of Atmospheric Sciences.

Together, the two departments teach more than 5,600 students and house 46 faculty members. New construction-a 40,700 square-foot renovation and 100,000 square-foot addition-is expected to result in a 56 percent increase in capacity for experimental and computer labs. These new spaces will allow the departments to address critical bottlenecks in science and technology degree programs.

Aerial view of the proposed Interdisciplinary Science Center

Transforming a 100-year-old school into a state-of-the-art science and mathematics center.

The Stewart Building operated from 1919 to 1966 as a K-12 teaching school on the University of Utah campus. It was named after William M. Stewart, the founder of the school.

Design will comprise of rehabilitation of the historic Stewart Building, and a dovetailed modern expansion. The expansion houses the center’s research laboratories, HVAC, and power facilities.

The courses taught in this building are necessary for 37 different degrees including ALL engineering, pre-medical, and computer science programs.

South elevation of the proposed Interdisciplinary Science Center

West elevation of the proposed Interdisciplinary Science Center

Physics and Astronomy

  • Faculty: 35
  • Undergraduate Majors: 187
  • Graduate Students: 83
  • Students Taught: 4,499

Atmospheric Science

  • Faculty: 11
  • Undergraduate Majors: 32
  • Graduate Students: 34
  • Students Taught: 564

Project Stats

  • 91% Instruction and Research Space
  • 9% Faculty and Staff Offices 
  • Remodeled Space:  40,729 SF
  • New Space:  100,000 SF
  • 56% increase in undergraduate labs.
  • Modern experiential teaching space.
  • Reduced bottlenecks in high-demand courses.
Campus Impact

Transforming the University of Utah campus.

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STEM Impact

The most ambitious project in the history of the College of Science.

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Economic Impact

A $60 million boost to Utah's economy.

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Project Details

The most ambitious construction project in the history of the College of Science.

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Make your mark on the future. Join us today.

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