From the Dean

November 15, 2021

This fall, we were delighted to welcome Taylor Randall as the new president of the University of Utah. Already in his short time at the helm, President Randall has articulated a bold vision of excellence for the U. His vision fits perfectly with the long-sustained trajectory of the College of Science. Beginning with Henry Eyring’s return from Princeton in 1946, the college has been on an outstanding upward ascent.

Excellence is part of everything we do.  That principle is reflected in our strong national rankings, in our outstanding faculty, in the impact that we have on our communities, and in the successful career paths that our students follow. We accomplish all of this while still keeping our tuition among the lowest of our peers.

Our educational and research missions continue to be intertwined in innovative ways. After all, the most consequential learning happens by doing, a notion at the heart of research and education alike. We launched the Science Research Initiative (SRI) last year with 50 entering freshman and transfer students participating in genuine scientific and mathematical research. This year, the program has 150 students, with projections to double that figure in three years, and triple it in six.

The SRI is made possible by the college’s exceptional faculty, world-class research facilities, and commitment to in-person experiential learning. Only a handful of institutions in the world have programs operating at a similar scale. You can learn more about the SRI in the pages that follow.

Last year, the College of Science distributed $1.3 million in scholarships and awards to our students -- a record amount in a very challenging year. I want to continue to make a degree in mathematics and science accessible to all of our students, regardless of financial need, and prepare our graduates for rewarding careers. Keep an eye out for our year-end campaign that will focus on raising scholarship funds for SRI students.

Thank you, as always, for being a part of the tradition of excellence in the College of Science.


Peter Trapa

Dean, College of Science



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