Healthy, Safe & Well

June Updates

National organizations sponsor monthly observances throughout the year to bring awareness to a variety of topics. Highlighted below are just a few health, safety, and wellness related topic for awareness in June.

HEalthy: Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month

Join the Alzheimer's Association to raise awareness to end Alzheimer's and other dementias. Take action by wearing purple, the official color of the Alzheimer's movement and join the conversation using the hashtag #ENDALZ. It is estimated 50 million people worldwide are living with this condition. Learn the 10 signs that indicate when memory loss is differing from the typical part of memory changes of aging.


SAfe:  June is safety month

The National Safety Council observes Safety Month each June and themes each week to bring awareness and provide resources on specific topics to keep you safe at work, at home and on the road.

Week 1 - Prevent Incidents Before They Start: Identify risks, take proactive measures, and reduce the potential for hazardous exposure to keep your workplace as safe as possible. EHS has a few tools to help you assess your need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), analyze the safety of each job task, and some training on risk assessments.

Week 2 - Address Ongoing COVID-19 Safety Concerns: As we navigate the new normal and begin to return to a more occupied campus, the University continues to provide resources through the main COVID-19 webpage and be sure to visit Human Resources Work Reimagined.

Week 3 - It's Vital to Feel Safe on the Job: Feeling safe at work is vital to inclusive culture of safety. The U has several offices and departments dedicated to providing a workplace that is as safe, inclusive, and secure as possible. Visit #SAFEU to learn where you can receive support, get help, review policies, and/or report concerns.

Week 4 - Advance Your Safety Journey: Safety is a journey of continuous improvement. Talk to your safety committee about your ideas for improvement in your area.


Well:  PTSD Awareness Month

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs observes PTSD Awareness Month because although treatment has been found to be effective, most people who have PTSD don't get the help they need. It is their goal to raise awareness so everyone with PTSD - Veterans and civilians, survivors of assault, accidents, disasters or other trauma - knows treatments do work and can lead to a better quality of life.