Wednesday Water Cooler Talks

Join members of the College of Science virtually every other Wednesday from 3-3:30pm for a chance to connect and find out how your colleagues stay Healthy, Safe, and Well. The next two topics are included below, but we need your help to fill out the following Wednesdays. Submit your ideas here or during a Wednesday Water Cooler Talk.

April 14, 3-4pm - Working up a head of STEAM

One aspect of wellness for many of us is having a creative life. This involves engaging in what’s been called the creatives industry: art, humanities, culture (including design, cuisine and architecture) as either a participant or an observer—or both. We will discuss the opportunities we have in the Beehive State to get our creative juices flowing, and, Surprise! Learn how creativity is a part of STEM. RSVP or join us here.

April 28, 3pm - Join us for an open discussion on planning future talks.

We'll discuss what is working, what can be improved, and topics. Suggested topics include: Gardening, Parks in the State, Book clubs, Fitness, and SLC hikes, events, and hidden gems to name a few. Join in on the planning efforts to make these talks as useful and relevant as possible. RSVP or join April 28, at 3pm.

Recent talks

March 31 - Emotional intelligence in the workplace - Resources found here.

  • Optional pre-reading (quick 3-5 minute read) article.
  • Bring your questions about emotional intelligence and learn more about the key elements and strategies you can use to raise your emotional intelligence.

March 17 - Hobbies for your health - Resources found here.

  • Optional pre-reading to learn about the health benefits of hobbies can be found here.
  • Watch this quick talk on trying something new to get you started.
  • Meet your co-workers at the virtual water cooler to share hobbies that you find helpful to relieving stress or causing eustress or "positive" stress.

March 4, 2021 - Ditch the Diet

The Office of Integrative Health and Wellness presented their talk on Ditching the Diet for College of Science faculty, students, and staff.

During this nutrition workshop, we discussed how to finally find a pattern of eating that you can stick with for the rest of your life (no dieting involved)! We discussed daily intuitive eating practices, how to build well-balanced meals without tracking calories, and how to fuel your body for life so that you can stop the on again off again dieting cycle. If you need resources presented during this event, send your request to


Do you have an idea for a future talk? Use this form to let us know.