Wednesday Water Cooler Talks

Join members of the College of Science every other Wednesday from 3-3:30pm for a chance to connect and find out how your colleagues stay Healthy, Safe, and Well. The first two topics are included below, but we need your help to fill out the following Wednesdays. Submit your ideas here or during a Wednesday Water Cooler Talk.

January 20 – Winter Sports Safety

February 3 - Workload Management

  • Optional pre-reading article or pre-viewing video as resources to get you started.
  • Bring strategies that work for you to share with the group, questions you have for others, and let's learn together how to manage our workloads.

February 17 - Travel for Well-being and Doing So Safely

  • More information coming soon.


Recent talks

January 6, 2021 - Creating a Routine

A virtual gathering at the water cooler to talk about creating a routine. Discussion brought out ideas from participants on new good habits, using routine to help set boundaries while working from home, and walking in nature to break up and close out the day's work. The session summary and a few resources can be found here. Thank you to everyone who participated for sharing!

Ideas for future sessions include:

  • Cooking
  • Emotional intelligence


Do you have a favorite or an idea of your own? Use this form to let us know.