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Academic Excellence

The College of Science works hard to ensure an environment that fosters scientific discovery and exploration.

One of the strongest indicators of our success in this area is the continued success of our faculty and researchers. Their efforts are pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and we are proud to recognize their success.

Priyam Patel

Visualizing the Topology of Surfaces

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Next-Gen Astronomy

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey is providing groundbreaking insight.

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11 Billion Years

Kyle Dawson and a global consortium of astrophysicists create a 3-D map of the universe.

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New Physics

Pearl Sandick discusses Dark Matter and challenging the Standard Model.

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Mysteries of the Universe

A five-year quest to map the universe began officially on May 17, 2021.

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Carsten Rott

Carsten Rott appointed to the Jack W. Keuffel Memorial Chair in Physics & Astronomy.

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