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Goldman Sachs Undergraduate Student Opportunities

Undergraduate freshmen and sophomores are invited to apply to a variety of programs at Goldman Sachs. These events will provide an opportunity for you to participate in skills building session, learn more about Workshop opportunities with Goldman Sachs, and network with professionals from across the firm. The interactive programs are designed to provide exposure to the numerous career paths available in the financial services industry while honing the skills that will set you up for success as you explore future opportunities. Ready to make an impact?

Women’s Leadership Camp – March 23-24

Open to freshmen and sophomore women

Pride Summit – March 30-31

Open to freshmen and sophomore LGBT students 

Undergraduate Camp – May 15-16

Open to freshmen and sophomores Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, and/or New First Generation college students

Virtual insight Series – Multiple Dates

Open to all freshmen and sophomores

Find out more about these opportunities at the Goldman Sachs Events webpage.  Select Diversity under Category and Undergraduate under Audience. 


Last Updated: 2/3/17