Congratulations 2024 Graduates!

The College of Science 2024 Convocation Ceremonies were held on Thursday, May 2 at the Jon M. Huntsman Center. The ceremony was presided by Dean Peter Trapa and featured comments from Associate Dean Pearl Sandick, chairs and directors of each department and a student speech by physics graduate Dua Ahzar.


Dean Peter Trapa Convocation Speech:

Welcome! My name is Peter Trapa, and I am Dean of the College of Science and of the College of Mines and Earth Sciences.  On behalf of the entire merged college community, I welcome you to the 2024 convocation ceremony.

I am so happy to be here with all of you -- graduates, of course, but all those (family, friends, loved ones) who have been with you every step of the way.  Many of you began your college careers during the years of the pandemic, so you know acutely the privilege of celebrating here together, in person. Just take a moment to think about how the last few years have changed you - I hope you look back fondly at favorite lectures, campus events, the friends you’ve made, and how much you’ve learned and grown as a person. You have achieved so much, overcome so much… you are unstoppable!

The twenty-first century will continue to be shaped by scientists, engineers, and mathematicians who first shed light on the pandemic, and whose research in many ways allow us to be here on this dazzling day.  The challenges facing our world will continue to tackle the grand challenges – energy, environment, medicine, health – of the future.

That’s you!  It’s your turn.   The world awaits you -- needs you -- each and every one of you.  Your career, your family, your entire life -- all unspool into an endless frontier of infinite possibility, and it’s your imagination that is the best window into your future. You will take what you learned in the Colleges of Science and Mines and Earth Sciences, the technical and the abstract, what you learned from your friendships and experiences at the U -- you’ll take all of that, and apply it in new ways that none of us, except for you, can imagine.  Embrace the change and opportunities as they come, and seek out new discoveries and challenges.  I’m so excited - and so proud - for all of you.

Remember that you are, and will continue to be, part of our College family. We want to hear about your successes, your new discoveries, your opportunities. Remember that we are here, celebrating with you every step along the way, as you achieve great things.