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New Student Orientation


Academic Advising & Course Registration

Do you have a passion for discovery? A burning need to figure out the "why?" to the challenges our world faces? Do you envision yourself changing the landscape of our world through innovation and research? You have a place at the College of Science.

We welcome all investigators, puzzlers, thinkers and problem solvers. Check out the programs we offer and the opportunities that await you. We look forward to welcoming you to campus, and we're here to help you succeed.


You must complete your New Student Virtual Orientation modules before you meet with an academic advisor. If you have questions about how to complete the Virtual Orientation modules, you can find more information here.

You can contact the Office of Orientation & Transition with further questions by emailing from your UMail account or by calling 801-581-7069.

Once you have completed your Virtual Orientation modules, please move on to the Academic Advising section below for information regarding your academic advising appointment.

Now that you have completed your New Student Virtual Orientation modules, you will be able to schedule an appointment for first semester course planning with one of our academic advisors. Use one of the links below to schedule an Orientation - First Semester Planning appointment with an advisor in your department.






Prior to your appointment, ensure that all of your transfer courses have been submitted for evaluation.

After you have met with your advisor you are now ready to register for courses.

Video guide on how to register here.

Departments & Majors



Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect a 30 minute meeting during which your academic advisor will help you figure out which classes to take in your first semester. You will have opportunities to go more in-depth with your advisor and create a full degree plan during first year mandatory advising in the spring semester.

Prior to your virtual advising appointment, ensure that:

  • You have your FERPA pin.
  • Your transfer courses have been submitted for evaluation (if applicable).
  • Your transcripts have been sent to the University.

Please also note that while our academic advisors can hold your appointment via phone, video appointments are preferred because they allow for screen-sharing.

The Office of Orientation & Transition will remove your university hold after you complete their Canvas course. Your College of Science academic advisor will remove your college hold after you meet with them virtually for first semester course planning.

You will use a tool called Schedule Builder to register for classes each semester. Once you've found the classes you would like to take on the Class Schedule, you will add them to your cart using Schedule Builder.

The class schedule can be found on your Student CIS page. Please see this video for a tutorial on navigating to the schedule.

Take a look at this short tutorial, which will explain how to filter and read the class schedule.

For details on the different class types and a tutorial on creating a fully online schedule, take a look at this video.

It depends on the major, but in general, College of Science majors are encouraged to spread their general education courses throughout their college career. Meet with an advisor to discuss your major and requirements specifically!

Course Planning Resources

Campus Resources

Undergraduate Opportunities


Science Research Initiative

Placing first-year students in real science research.

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Center for Science and Mathematics Education

The CSME promotes the academic success and career readiness of undergraduate students.

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Science Themed Communities

Unique housing opportunities for science students.

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LEAP Science Course

Society and Science: Issues of Life and Death & Issues of War and Peace

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Crocker Science Center Internship

Gain experience and skills in a research lab.

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Scholarships, Grants & Financial Aid

Scholarships for first-year, undergraduate and graduate students.

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Honors College

Innovation across all disciplines.

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Employment Opportunities

Career & Professional Development at the U of U.

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Science Ambassadors

Delivering science with a smile.

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2021 Research Scholar

2021 Churchill Scholar

2020 Research Scholar

Josh Carroll

Vignesh Iyer

Kyle Kazemini

Brennan Mahoney

Women in Mathematics

Jordan Herman, PhD’20

Boyana Martinova

Quaid Harding

Sahar Kanishka

Jessica Stanley

Dalley Cutler

Alex Acuna

Ana Rosas

2020 Churchill Scholar

Anna Vickrey, PhD’20

Beckman Scholar

Rachel Cantrell

2016 Churchill Scholar

2017 Churchill Scholar

2018 Churchill Scholar

Goldwater Winner

Cameron Owen 2018 Churchill Scholar

2019 Churchill Scholar

Goldwater Winner

Dominique Pablito

HIV Microscopy