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Prospective Students

Prospective Students

Do you have a passion for discovery? A burning need to figure out the "why?" to the challenges our world faces? Do you envision yourself changing the landscape of our world through innovation and research? You have a place at the College of Science.

We welcome all investigators, puzzlers, thinkers and problem solvers. Check out the programs we offer and the opportunities that await you. We look forward to welcoming you to campus, and we're here to help you succeed.

First-Year Research Programs

The College of Science is committed to providing robust research and career exploration opportunities to our students throughout their time at the U. Our two signature first-year research programs are ACCESS Scholars and the Science Research Initiative (SRI). Both programs offer students placement in a research lab in the spring semester of their first year at the U as well as a 1-credit hour course to prepare them for undergraduate research.

ACCESS Scholars represent students from all dimensions of diversity who are committed to advancing gender equity in the STEM disciplines. ACCESS Scholars comprise a community of supportive peers and a network of over 800 alumni. The program begins with a two-week intensive summer experience wherein scholars explore the science disciplines while learning to navigate the world of STEM in college. In addition to placement and mentorship in research groups, ACCESS students will participate in community building and tailored professional development activities throughout their first year of college.

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The Science Research Initiative (SRI) program offers all new and transfer students with College of Science majors the opportunity to participate in scientific research with U scientists. The SRI will jumpstart your path of academic success, and give you needed skills to prepare for an internship or a career - whether that's in a research lab, an office, or one of the many other opportunities open to our graduates.

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Departments & Majors



Science Mentors

A guiding light for aspiring scientists.

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Transfer Students

Finish your degree at the College of Science.

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Tour the College of Science

Tour the College of Science Tour the stunning science campus at the […]

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Science Research Initiative

Research experience for first-year students.

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Admitted Students Day

Celebrate your admission to the U!

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SRI Students

Placing first-year students in real science research.

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Why Science?

Connect with the vast opportunities that science and mathematics can unlock.

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ACCESS Scholars

Individuals from all dimensions of diversity who embody excellence, leadership and equity.

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What Can You Do with a Science Degree?

Science career paths.

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Scholarships, Grants & Financial Aid

Scholarships for students at the College of Science.

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Live on campus

Unique housing opportunities for science students.

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Crocker Science House

Student Wellness