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Science Research Initiative

Research experience for first-year students.

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New Student Orientation

Everything you need for a successful first semester.

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Prospective Students

Discover where a world-class science education will take you.

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Undergraduate Students

Resources and information for current students.

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college news

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‘Solving’ biology’s most important molecule

Nada Math Anxiety Here

Safe Landings Weather-wise

Ribosome adventures

Wilkes Center Climate Prize Winner


Climate-Resilient Western Grid

Whale of a project: Library digitizes 50 years of research

Right Whale Research, Vicky Rowntree

Andy Thliveris: Remember the Undergrads

Alumni News

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Andy Thliveris: Remember the Undergrads

Remembering John Warnock

Founders Day Distinguished Alumni

Stephen Nesbitt

Jamie Rankin

Stephanie VanBeuge

Nick Borys

John Deere DNA

Alex Horn

Lindsey Henderson

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Synthesis 2023

Wilkes Center, Applied Science Project and stories from throughout the merged College.

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Prospective Faculty

Discover why an increasing number of notable scientists call Utah home.

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A.A.U. Membership

Utah joins the prestigious Association of American Universities.

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College Rankings

U.S. News & World Report University Rankings.

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Why Science?

Connect with the vast opportunities that science and mathematics can unlock.

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Notebook 2022

Student stories, NAS members, alumni George Seifert, and Convocation 2022.

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Discover 2021

Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Physics Research, SRI Update, New Construction.

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