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Frontiers of Science

March 30, 2017
ASB 220
6:00 pm

Science Night Live

April 5, 2017
Keys on Main
5:30 pm

Frontiers of Science

April 20, 2017
ASB 220
6:00 pm



William “Bill” Anderegg, Assistant Professor of Biology

Faculty Spotlight: William “Bill” Anderegg

William “Bill” Anderegg, Assistant Professor of Biology, studies how drought and climate change affect forest ecosystems, including tree physiology, species interactions, carbon cycling, and biosphere-atmosphere feedback systems. “Our research focuses around a central question: What is the future of forests in a changing climate?” says Anderegg. Utah is well known for its pristine forests. In fact, Utah contains about 7.8 million acres of national forests and is home to the largest aspen tree grove in the world.


Matthew S. Sigman, Distinguished Professor

Faculty Spotlight: Matthew S. Sigman

Matthew S. Sigman, Distinguished Professor and Peter J. and Christine S. Stang Presidential Endowed Chair of Chemistry, is helping the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) develop highly efficient next-generation battery technologies for energy storage. Sigman and U of U colleague Shelley Minteer, along with University of Michigan chemists, are participating in the Department of Energy’s Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, to develop a better type of battery architecture for grid energy storage called redox flow batteries.


March Madness By The Numbers

March Madness By The Numbers

It’s probably in your inbox already – the invitation to join your teenage nephew’s March Madness bracket challenge. Favorite methods for picking winning teams abound – some people pick by uniform color, some by geography, some by which mascot could devour the other. If your preferred method is statistics, however, University of Utah senior Sean Sloan can help. Sloan is a mathematics major by day, but by night, or at least any night that the Utah Jazz play at home, he’s a basketball operations intern at Vivint Smart Home Arena. As a part of the Jazz’ analytics team, Sloan helps track players’ movements during games using a camera network above the arena, which helps calculate player statistics for each game. Front office and coaching staff then use the statistics to assess areas of weakness and strength, both for individual players and for the team as a whole.

Physics & Astronomy

Rockport Milky Way

Consortium for Dark Sky Studies

The University of Utah has awarded formal recognition to the Consortium for Dark Sky Studies (CDSS), the first academic center in the world dedicated to discovering, developing, communicating and applying knowledge pertaining to the quality of the night skies. The CDSS is an interdisciplinary, multi-institutional research group based in the College of Architecture and Planning at the U. The consortium of over 25 university, industry, community and governmental partners will research the global issue of light pollution, and the public health, economic and environmental impacts of the so-called “disappearing dark.”

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