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Scholarships, Grants & Financial Aid

Scholarships for first-year, undergraduate and graduate students.

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Prospective Students

Discover where a world-class science education will take you.

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ACCESS Program

A path to STEM success for first year and transfer students.

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Undergraduate Students

Resources and information for current students.

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college news

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Thomas Stucky, BS’15

The Science of Sea Ice

Frontiers of Science

COVID-19 Vaccine Panel

Discover 2020

AfterMath 2020

Beckman Scholars

MLK Week

Carsten Rott

Mission Unstoppable

Alumni News

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Thomas Stucky, BS’15

Gameil Fouad, BS’93

Lee Roberts, BS’72

Nancy Parry, BS’63

Edward Meenen, BS’86

Michele Lefebvre, PhD’05

Julia Bailey-Serres, BS’81

The Daines Medical Dynasty

David Hillyard, BS’73

Donor Recognition

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Science Research Initiative

Placing first-year students in real science research.

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Why Science?

Connect with the vast opportunities that science and mathematics can unlock.

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A.A.U. Membership

Utah joins the prestigious Association of American Universities.

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College Rankings

U.S. News & World Report University Rankings.

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Prospective Faculty

Discover why an increasing number of notable scientists call Utah home.

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Graduate Students

Realize your graduate research ambitions.

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