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The College of Science values all of our students. Whether you are from across town or across the world, you have a place here. Our students thrive academically, perform cutting edge research, and chart their own paths of discovery. We believe in the potential of each student, and know that all who join us share the drive and the capacity for future success.

Prospective Students

Discover where a world-class science education will take you.

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Undergraduate Students

Resources and information for current students.

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Graduate Students

Realize your graduate research ambitions.

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STUDENT Spotlights

Sage Blackburn

Research Scholar

Phi Beta Kappa

Fulbright Scholar

Outstanding Graduate Student

Research Scholar

Outstanding Post-Doc

NSF Fellowship

Outstanding Post-Doc

NSF Fellowship

Outstanding Undergraduate

Student Researcher

Goldwater Scholar

Savannah Romney

Audrey Brown

Eliza Diggins

Sarmishta Kannan

Sahar Kanishka

2021 Churchill Scholar

2021 Research Scholar

Josh Carroll

Vignesh Iyer

Kyle Kazemini

Brennan Mahoney

Sonia Sehgal

Women in Mathematics

Jordan Herman, PhD’20

HIV Microscopy

2020 Research Scholar

Dominique Pablito


The Spectrum 2022

Aftermath 2022

Notebook 2022

Our DNA 2022

Distinguished Service

College Rankings

IF/THEN Ambassador

Galápagos Letters

Of Mice and Monarchs

Biological Data


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Academic Advising

Student advising, forms, and other academic needs.

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Scholarships, Grants & Financial Aid

Scholarships for students at the College of Science.

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Science Ambassadors

Delivering science with a smile.

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Research Opportunities

Gain experience and skills in a research lab.

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Why Science?

Connect with the vast opportunities that science and mathematics can unlock.

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Beckman Scholars

Prestigious undergraduate research program returns to the U.

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Academic Resources

Resources for academic success.

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Research Opportunities

Maximize your education with real lab experience.

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