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We ❤️ OUR Researchers

Recognized as a Carnegie Tier-1 Research University, the U continues to develop groundbreaking research on a local, national, and international level.  The combined resources of 18 colleges, 35 interdisciplinary programs, 100 academic departments/ divisions, and 120 centers/bureaus on campus, creates endless opportunities for collaboration.

Our research is also a catalyst for economic growth and innovation, creating over 280 spin-out companies—and 16,000 jobs – from the university’s inventions and technologies.

Research News

Allergy Season

Climate change is making allergy season last longer.

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Sloan Research Fellow

Luisa Whittaker-Brooks awarded prestigious 2021 Sloan Research Fellowship.

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The Science of Sea Ice

Ken Golden brings the principles of mathematics to the Earth’s most remote environments.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Panel

Experts answer questions on the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Priyam Patel

Visualizing the Topology of Surfaces

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Giant Poisonous Rats

The secret social lives of giant poisonous rats.

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Next-Gen Astronomy

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey is providing groundbreaking insight.

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$602 Million in Funding

Research funding passes $602 million for 2020.

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A.A.U. Membership

Utah joins the prestigious Association of American Universities.

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11 Billion Years

Kyle Dawson and a global consortium of astrophysicists create a 3-D map of the universe.

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HIV Microscopy

Ipsita Saha is using electron microscopy to reveal the dynamic structure in HIV.

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Forest Futures

William Anderegg explains the risks of investing in forests.

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Crab Nebula

Scientists detect Crab Nebula using innovative gamma-ray telescope.

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Courtship Condos

Why is Dean Castillo managing the sexual relations of fruit flies?

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Discover 2019

Features the Science Research Initiative, College Rankings, Commutative Algebra, and more.

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Running with Scissors

In gene-targeting, CRISPR makes a really good pair of "scissors".

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Henry S. White - A positive force in Electrochemistry.

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Commutative Algebra

Can commutative algebra help us solve real-world problems?

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TreeTop Barbie

Nalini Nadkarni has created a "Canopy Researcher" version of the popular Barbie doll.

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Research Funding

Research funding passes $540 million for 2019.

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Going with the Flow

John Sperry studies how plant hydraulics and xylem tissue influence regional weather.

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New Physics

Pearl Sandick discusses Dark Matter and challenging the Standard Model.

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Distinguished Research

Professor Molinero’s work is a hallmark of what research and scholarship should be about.

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2019 Research Scholar

The College of Science Research Scholar Award is given annually to one […]

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Associate V.P. for Research

Diane Pataki is now Associate Vice President for Research at the University of Utah.

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2019 Churchill Scholar

Cameron Owen - Chemistry and physics major and student researcher.

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Insects, Bacteria & Ice

Water doesn’t always freeze at 32 degrees and other chilling facts from Valeria Molinero.

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Discover 2018

The 2018 Research Report for the College of Science.

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Plant Genomics

QUESTION: How does RNA decay contribute to gene expression?

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2018 Churchill Scholar

Scott Neville - Mathematics major and student researcher.

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Under Pressure

Unravelling the mystery of a fundamental property of lithium.

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Safety Starts with U

The University of Utah is committed to improving its culture of safety across all areas of campus, including in research laboratories.

Effective May 1, 2019, the offices of Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) and Radiation Safety (RSO) were integrated into one departmental unit renamed the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). The merger will take advantage of the strengths of both units and will increase efficiency, enhance services and improve enforcement ability of lab safety inspectors.

Fred A. Monette has been appointed as interim executive director of EHS. Monette currently serves as the director of RSO and is a board-certified health physicist who brings over 25 years of experience in radiation protection. Anyone who has questions, concerns or feedback about lab safety should submit those to