Cool science: Monitoring Earthquakes in Utah

April 22, 2024

Above: Keith Koper, director of the University of Utah Seismograph Stations, looks at quake evidence. Credit: Remi Barron, University of Utah

It’s easy to forget that the Wasatch back is very near an active fault. Earthquakes are continually happening around us, maybe not close enough to always feel, but they are happening.

Monitoring these continual motions and shifts are the University of Utah Seismograph Stations. These stations, situated throughout Utah and surrounding states, pick up and report on regional earthquakes. With this data, scientists at the university are able to develop a better understanding of earthquakes in our area. This can then help reduce the risk from earthquakes in Utah thanks to their research, education, and public service.

Director Keith Koper shares more about the Seismograph Stations and the important work they are doing in this interview on KCPW's Cool Science Radio.

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