In 2022, Genetics Society of America’s Board of Directors launched an audit to review the five major awards conferred by the Society. On January 11th, the organization announced the recipients of the reimagined GSA Awards, including Ofer Rog who won the new Early Career Medal, recognizing "outstanding contributions to the field of genetics."

Rog is recognized for work visualizing meiotic exchange between sisters, exploring synaptonemal complex proteins, and tracking single molecules. Additionally, Rog’s efforts to recruit and maintain a diverse student body at the University of Utah and support LGBTQ+ students are commendable and an inspiration to many in the field.

The scientists honored this year are recognized by their peers for their outstanding contributions to research and education and their distinguished service in the field of genetics. They will be presented with their awards at The Allied Genetics Conference 2024 taking place March 6-10, 2024, in Metro Washington, DC. Throughout the rest of the year, a series of profiles published in Genes to Genomes and virtual awards seminars will provide more insight into their inspiring careers.

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