Earn Academic Credit

Qualifying jobs and internships can earn university credit!

College of Science students may earn university credit for their internships by completing an internship course. Reasons you may want to earn credit for your internship include:

  • Completing a graduation requirement (Gen Ed)
  • Completing major elective credit
  • Completing a lab requirement
  • Adding additional credits to meet financial aid requirements
  • CPT requirements

All courses are designed to complement and enhance your internship experience. The courses MUST be taken at the time you are actually interning, so interested students are encouraged to look into these course opportunities early in their academic career/internship experience.

If you are currently working long-term in a position related to your degree, you may be able to earn credit for your experience even though it is not a typical internship experience. The courses available and what they count for may vary by major and internship position.

Departments may have additional resources and can help you identify appropriate courses:

For more detailed information and to discuss what might be best in your individual case, make an appointment with the internship coordinator.