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College of Science Internships are intended to help students explore a given career field and/or prepare for future studies or employment. Our focus is on internships, but we also seek other career-building opportunities for our students including volunteer opportunities, part-time & full-time student jobs, and entry-level positions. 

Since the College of Science includes biology, chemistry, math, and physics & astronomy, our students have a variety of interests and skills. We seek employers with a wide range of positions, from laboratory placements to finance, technology to theoretical physics, and education to law. 

College of Science students have: 

  • Laboratory Experience
  • Strong problem-solving & critical thinking skills 
  • Robust mathematical abilities
  • Fundamental understanding of technology 
  • Inquisitive natures and the drive to explore

For more information about how to recruit College of Science students to work in your lab, department, or business, contact the Student Engagement Coordinator, Megan Bettilyon, at megan.bettilyon@utah.edu

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