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Learn By doing

Interested in Science and Mathematics? Want to learn how to do research and become a scientist? Seeking to connect with exciting career opportunities as a freshman or transfer student?  This is what the Science Research Initiative (SRI) is all about.

SRI offers every incoming College of Science student the opportunity to participate in discovery-based scientific research. Freshmen,  sophomores, and transfer students tackle cutting-edge problems in dedicated research streams sponsored by local industries.

Step into the unknown to tackle big, open-ended questions. Learn by doing.  Experience the excitement of Science and Mathematics.  Click on the link below to request more information.



SRI Research Streams


Neural Networks

Cellular Biology

Electrosynthetic Chemistry





Explore the SRI

Deep dive into the new Science Research Initiative.

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Bridget Phillips

College of Science's Ambassador and sophomore biology student in the Shapiro Lab.

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Anna Vickery

Research assistant and doctoral candidate studying Pigeon Genetics.

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2019 Churchill Scholar

Cameron Owen - Chemistry and physics major and student researcher.

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2018 Churchill Scholar

Scott Neville - Mathematics major and student researcher.

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2017 Churchill Scholar

Michael Zhoa - Mathematics major and student researcher.

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2016 Churchill Scholar

Mackenzie Simper - Mathematics major and student researcher.

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