Cancer Systems Modeling: One River, Two Streams

Applied Math, Evolution, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Statistics

Like people/the cells in our bodies change their behavior in response to their environments/an ability called plasticity. Plasticity is useful when cells need to respond to some challenge/like an injury/but can turn deadly in cancer cells that can use it escape the body's natural defenses and treatment. In this unique project/two streams will work together to study cancer cell plasticity. In the first/students will join the Judson-Torres lab and learn the cutting-edge technologies in genomics and live cell imaging needed to study plasticity in real time. In the second/students will join the Adler group to analyze/visualize and mathematically model the data/and help design the next round of experiments. The two streams will flow together as a broad river that carries a new understanding cancer cell plasticity and delivers ideas for novel treatment strategies.

Stream Leaders

Fred Adler, PhD
Director, School Of Biological Sciences / Professor, Mathematics
Rob Judson-Torres, PhD
Assistant Professor, Dermatology / Adjunct Assistant Professor, Oncological Sciences