Plant Immunity and Amino Acids/Volatiles

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology

This research initiative aims to shed light on the role of individual amino acids in enhancing plant immunity/particularly during programmed cell death (PCD). Additionally/we will conduct amino acid profiling using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) following the exogenous application of specific amino acids to unravel the dynamic changes in amino acid concentrations. Combined outcomes will enhance scientific understanding of the role of amino acids for plant immunity and provide foundational knowledge to improve disease resistance of economically important crop species. Moreover/our investigation extends to examining the impact of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on plant immunity. Undergraduates who register for this project will learn basic mechanisms for plant immunity. Subsequently/Students will test the effect of exogenous application of individual amino acid for programmed cell death and elucidate underlying mechanisms using basic molecular biology technique and metabolic analysis. In parallel/the study will encompass the fumigation of plants with VOCs and the assessment of their influence on plant immune responses/complemented by an in-depth profiling of VOCs in reaction to bacterial pathogens.

Stream Leaders

Heejin Yoo, PhD
Assistant Professor, School of Biological Sciences