Pollination Biology

Ecology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology

Utah is home to an astonishing diversity of native bee species. Recent estimates suggest that over 900 bee species call Utah home including more than 100 at Red Butte Garden alone. Compared with honey bees, relatively little is known about the vast majority of these native bee species. To support native bees, and the plant species they pollinate, we need to gain a better understanding of their basic biology.

Our research group will be employing a molecular approach called DNA metabarcoding to assay foraging behavior. DNA metabarcoding has the potential to reveal all the species in an environmental sample based upon the DNA sequences that are present in that sample. By gaining a nuanced understanding of foraging behavior we will be able to better inform practices used to support the health and diversity of plants and pollinators in native ecosystems.

Over the course of the next year undergraduates working with on this project will test molecular protocols, collect native pollinators in the field, and use bioinformatic tools to provide accurate descriptions of the foraging behavior native
pollinators. Students will have the opportunity to learn basic molecular, microbiology, and field ecology research techniques.

Find more about Dr. Briggs and Dr. Steffen at https://science.utah.edu/sri/sri-team

Stream Leaders

Joshua Steffen, PhD
Joshua Steffen, PhD
Director, Science Research Initiative
Heather Briggs, PhD
Heather Briggs, PhD
Associate Director, Science Research Initiative