Topological Materials and Devices

Applied Physics, Materials Science

Topological quantum materials are characterized by global quantities such as topological invariants rather than local details/making them extremely robust against typical materials defects and perturbations. Potential applications have been proposed in areas such as electronics/spintronics and quantum computing. However this area is still in its infancy with most ideas still untested and many more in the works. In our program/we work with a toolkit of layered materials to construct atomically-thin (“van der Waals”) heterostructures/create devices using these heterostructures and test theoretical predictions for novel phenomena based on these topological materials such as exotic superconductivity/emergent states of matter composed of fractional particles and many more.

Stream Leaders

Vikram Deshpande, PhD
Associate Professor, Physics And Astronomy
Eric Montoya, PhD
Assistant Professor, Physics And Astronomy