Vector Biology/Surveillance/and Management with SLCMAD

Applied Math, Applied Physics, Biochemistry, Climate Science

The Salt Lake City Mosquito Abatement District (SLCMAD) allows students to have direct access to vector control/zoonotic infectious disease management/and public health decision-making. The laboratory specializes in pathogen detection in mosquito vectors using PCR/mosquito behavior studies/and bioassays to conduct toxicological analysis. This stream offers more than just standard lab practice/taking a graduate school-style approach to how students are taught. Ultimately/this stream primes students for higher education while teaching independence/innovation/and logistics. Although not guaranteed/SLCMAD seeks to offer students publication and presentation opportunities to further their learning experiences/while simultaneously adding to one's CV. We expect all students to leave our program with enhanced critical thinking skills/confidence to do research in new fields/and pride in their individual capabilities.

Stream Leaders

Christopher S. Bibbs
Laboratory Director, SLCMAD