Learn By Doing in the SRI

Want to learn how to conduct research and create connections with faculty and other College of Science students? Join the Science Research Initiative (SRI)!

SRI offers College of Science students the opportunity to participate in discovery-based scientific research starting on your first day on campus, with no prior research experience required. You will gain research skills that will help you in science classes, learn with College of Science peers, and connect with faculty across the University. The SRI will jumpstart your path academic success, and give you needed skills to prepare for an internship or a career - whether that's in a research lab, an office, or one of the many other opportunities open to our graduates. Find out more below, or email us for more information.

Fall Year 1

Enroll 1-credit class in which you will learn about how science happens, become a part of a community of researchers, culminating with placement in a lab focused on your research interests.

Spring Year 1

Begin scientific journey in your selected lab. Students engage in research activities for roughly 10 hours per week.

Fall Year 2

Continue in your research stream and grow as a researcher. Students are provided opportunities to share research findings and mentor new students.


Stay involved with the SRI community. Connect with new research and professional development opportunities.