2022 College of Science AWARDS


The College of Science is committed to recognizing excellence in education, research, and service. Congratulations to all our 2022 College of Science award recipients!


Student Recognition

CoS Research Scholar Award
Tyler Ball, BS Chemistry

University Student Researchers Award
Elijah Counterman, BS Mathematics

Outstanding Undergraduate Student
Luis Rufino, BS Physics and Astronomy

Outstanding Graduate Student
Daniel Powell, PhD Chemistry

Faculty Recognition

Excellence in Research: Kenneth Bromberg, Mathematics

Excellence in Teaching & Mentoring: Jon Rainier, Chemistry

Distinguished Educator: Claudia De Grandi, Physics and Astronomy

Distinguished Service: Faraday Team (Janis Louie, Tom Richmond, and Jeff Statler), Chemistry

Postdoc Recognition

CoS Outstanding Postdoctoral Researcher
Julie Jung, School of Biological Sciences

CoS Outstanding Postdoctoral Researcher
Amir Hosseini, Chemistry

Staff Recognition

CoS Staff Excellence Award
Vicki Nielsen, Physics and Astronomy

CoS Staff Excellence Award
Pieter Bowman, Mathematics

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