Internship Resources & Recognition

Internships are a great way to gain skills and experience, learn about a possible future career, and network. While internships can be great experiences on their own, we have created some ways to make the experience even better.


Earn an Internship Badge!

Earn a College of Science Internship Completion Badge!

Digital badges are a way to show verified skills and accomplishments. They can be shared on most digital platforms including webpages, digital portfolios, online resumes, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. Connections and potential employers can then view not only the badge image, but the credentials it takes to earn the badge through the Acclaim open badge system. To earn a badge, you need to do the following:

  • Successfully complete an internship under a designated supervisor. The internship can be part of the COS facilitated internship program, from the jobs & opportunities board, or from anywhere else. It simply needs to be a career-building experience and a minimum of 100 total hours spent on internship activities.
  • Attend a College of Science Internship Program Orientation
  • Present at a College of Science Internship Symposium

Badging Process Steps:

  1.  Complete the Start the Badging Process form
  2. The internship coordinator will contact you to schedule your orientation. (All Fall 2020 orientations will be conducted virtually.)
  3. Present at a College of Science Internship Program Symposium. These are held at the end of each semester and the internship coordinator will work with you to determine which symposium will work best for you.
  4. The internship coordinator will verify your experience with your host supervisor
  5. Your badge will be issued!

The College of Science Internship Orientation covers internship and university resources, internship safety, professionalism, how to get the most out of your internship experience, and next steps in your career journey. Orientations are scheduled at the beginning of each semester. Students can also schedule an orientation session with the internship coordinator later in the semester if the main orientation times do not work with their schedules. When possible, students are encouraged to attend an orientation before the start of their internship or near the beginning of their experience. This will allow them to get the most out of the orientation itself and their internship experience as a whole. Orientation must be completed at least one month before the student’s scheduled symposium date.

The College of Science Internship Symposium allows students to present and reflect on their internship experience while improving their communication and presentation skills. The format may change from semester to semester based on the current safety guidelines and types of internship experiences, but will typically include a 5-minute presentation on the internship experience in front of an audience.