Optical Spectroscopy Lab

Our Optical Spectroscopy Facility, located in 1164 and 1204 in the Thatcher Building for Biological and Biophysical Chemistry, offers a wide range of analytical instrumentation for the characterization of a variety of organic, inorganic, biological and environmental samples. Our facility is a primarily a user-based facility whereby researchers are trained on the care and handling of the equipment. In addition to providing training for new users, our staff is available to help users in the design of experiments and the interpretation of results. Users can schedule time using our online scheduling system after passing mandatory training.

Jasco J-815 Spectropolarimeter
Chiroptical spectroscopy has become one of most important techniques for the characterization of biomolecules, determination of absolute configuration and stereochemical analysis. The J-1000 Series Circular Dichroism (CD) Spectrometers provide both unparalleled optical performance and versatile flexibility.

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Hitachi U4100 uv-visible-nir-spectrophotometer
A solid and liquid sample measurement system with the capability of scanning from 175-2600 nm. The instrument has a wide range of scanning speeds, the ability to achieve a resolution of 0.2 nm, and a bandwidth selection range from 0.24-8.0 nm. Temperature controls are available.

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Perkin-Elmer PE-343
The polarimeter is able to analyze optically active compounds. This polarimeter has a rotary range of ± 85° and contains a sodium spectral lamp with a spectral line at 589 nm. There are a number of integration times selectable from 0.1-100 sec. The sample cells have a path length of 1 dm and can hold up to 1 ml of sample.

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