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Science Research Initiative


The College of Science is committed to placing freshman students in science research programs. At most institutions, students have to wait until the junior or senior to get a taste of research, if at all. The Science Research Initiative (SRI) will provide this opportunity for all our entering students.

Stepping into the unknown to tackle big, open-ended questions. This is what research is all about.  It's where learning happens by doing. It's where struggle leads to understanding, and understanding leads to success. It requires curiosity, drive, technical knowledge, and the ability to communication effectively. These are the high-demand skills that employers prize.

SRI is for Students

Every incoming undergraduate has the opportunity to participate in discovery-based scientific research. Freshmen and sophomores tackle cutting-edge science problems in dedicated research streams. Collaboration between students and research-oriented faculty, staff, and peers is facilitated through a team-based environment. Learning scientific communication and problem-solving skills is paramount. Connecting students with prospective employers early in their college careers is invaluable.



Student Research Stories

2019 Churchill Scholar

Cameron Owen of Boise, Idaho, a senior honors student majoring in chemistry […]

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2019 Research Scholar

The College of Science Research Scholar Award is given annually to one […]

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Anna Vickery

“Had I asked myself in high school if I’d end up working […]

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2017 Churchill Scholar

Michael Zhoa has been awarded a Churchill scholarship for 2017.

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Bridget Phillips

Bridgette Phillips thoughts on pigeons and skeletons.

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2018 Churchill Scholar

Scott Neville has been awarded a Churchill scholarship for 2018.

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2016 Churchill Scholar

Mackenzie Simper has been awarded a Churchill scholarship for 2016.

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