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A partnership between the College of Science, Division of Games, the College of Humanities, and the Marriott Library

Virtual reality (VR) offers numerous advantages for enhancing classroom learning experiences. Integrating VR into the classroom offers a wide range of benefits, including immersive learning experiences, experiential learning opportunities, catering to diverse learning styles, promoting accessibility and inclusivity, fostering global collaboration, preparing students for future careers, and enhancing motivation and engagement.

Together with the advancement of video game technology, the University of Utah Team EVRE aims to reinvent learning as we know it, for the benefit of all students. We're bringing the #1 games development program in the country together with the experiential learning expertise of the College of Science to create dynamic and enriching learning environments that inspire curiosity, creativity, and lifelong learning.

FALL 2024: MATH 1050-007

MATH 1050 at the University of Utah is a course designed to prepare students for STEM careers, business school, the social sciences, and many other majors across campus. For some, MATH 1050 is the first step in the pursuit of a degree; for others, it is fulfilling the Quantitative Literacy requirement needed by all students. The VR team at the University of Utah started with this course because it was believed that this is where we could make a significant difference for student outcomes. 


The VR section of MATH 1050 (Section 007) will look similar to the other sections of the course in terms of time spent on learning the material, working with your instructor, and grading requirements, with the exception of receiving a participation grade for attending the weekly VR Labs.  One hour a week will be spent in the VR Classroom at the Marriott Library, where you will practice the material by progressing through a virtual reality game with other classmates (weeks without a VR lab include exam weeks and university closure dates). 

Instead of doing sample problems and lessons on your own, you will enter into a virtual reality world designed by your peers in the Utah Division of Games, the #1 ranked game program in the world. But this isn’t a virtual classroom - this immersive experience will give you the opportunity to work together as a team to make it through the escape-room-style levels created  for you. Playing the game will supplement your learning of the material, with the aim of keeping you engaged in class and participating in lectures.

Fall 2024 will be a pilot project for the MATH 1050 VR game. While we are expecting a smooth experience for students, there may be bumps along the way - however, STUDENT GRADES WILL NOT BE AFFECTED BY GAME PERFORMANCE. Attendance at the VR sessions WILL count towards the student’s participation grade. As a pilot project, we hope students will be active partners in providing feedback and input on the game during the semester. 

  • What if I enroll in the VR section and decide I want to take the regular section? 
    • Not a problem -  talk to your advisor about switching into another section during the first two weeks of the semester
  • What if I’ve never done VR before, or I’m not a gamer?
    • There are no expectations of game playability or VR experience - we’ll teach you what you need to know!
  • Isn’t this just added work?
    • There will be 10 1-hour/week sessions for students to participate in the VR classroom at Marriott Library. Scheduling options include evenings and weekends, as well as during normal class hours, to accommodate student schedules. The workload will be similar to students not enrolled in the VR section, and the VR session will count towards a student’s participation grade.
  • When will VR sessions be offered?
    • There will be several hours each week where the VR classroom in the Marriott Library will be open to MATH 1050-007 students. A full list of open times will be found on the course Canvas page, and students will have the ability to sign up for the time slot that best suits their schedule each week. 
  • Why should I take this course?
    • The University knows that students that attend class are more likely to pass. This VR module is designed to increase interest and participation in class, and provide a fun, engaging experience for you to have with your classmates. We’re also exploring new modalities of instruction - by participating in this course, you’ll help us expand VR experiences and new classroom projects for the entire University. Plus, the game is going to be awesome. 
Want to join us? Talk to your advisor to register for MATH 1050-007.

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