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Apply for the ACCESS Scholarship

Application opens early January and closes March 1

For 2019-2020, ACCESS seeks 32 qualified applications

How ACCESS students are selected:

  • A team of STEM faculty review and discuss each application
  • ACCESS focuses on a holistic review process. Academic and extracurricular experiences, letters of recommendation, GPA, and standardized exam scores are all considered, and no category receives higher weight. If your GPA is a 3.0, we still encourage you to apply.

Your ACCESS application will need to include**:


  • Personal essay

Highlight your interests, academic and career goals, and motivation to pursue a major and career in STEM. How will ACCESS help you succeed, as an undergraduate woman, in the sciences or engineering? (500 words max)

  • Character and life experiences

Provide insight into your character and any personal hardships that are relevant to admission into the ACCESS Program. (250 words max)

  • Diversity

Science and innovation benefits from collaboration that comes from varied viewpoints. The ACCESS Program for Women in Science and Mathematics seeks to build a diverse and inclusive cohort with individuals from different backgrounds. Do you have any unusual or varied life experiences that might contribute to diversity in ACCESS? This can include fluency in other languages, economic hardship, being the first in your immediate family to seek a college degree, and/or cultural or societal interests and experiences. (250 words max)

Letters of Recommendation

  • 2 letters of recommendation
    High school students- At least one letter must be from a science teacher
    Transfer students- At least one letter must be from a professor (science professor preferred)
  • Resume
    Information on work experience and volunteering, awards, and extracurricular activities
  • Official transcript
    We are especially interested in students who have taken rigorous science courses (high school and/or college level)
    High school students - High school transcript
    Transfer students - Transcript from collegiate institutions you have attended 

**In person or Skype/Facetime interviews may be requested.



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