2021 Churchill Scholar

Isaac Martin receives the U’s sixth straight Churchill Scholarship.

2021 Research Scholar

For Karrin Tennant, recipient of the College of Science Undergraduate Research Award, the never-ending story of environmental science has plenty of plot twists.

SRI Research Streams

Current research stream opportunities

Josh Carroll

Veteran To Janitor To Physicist, Via YouTube.

Vignesh Iyer

I always gravitated toward STEM subjects in elementary school. In college, I discovered that the common language each subject used was math.

Kyle Kazemini

Kyle Kazemini chose mathematics because he had an exceptional math teacher in high school.

Brennan Mahoney

A father’s heart attack propels a University of Utah biology major into pre-med.

Boyana Martinova

I chose mathematics because I love problem solving.

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Science Themed Communities

Unique housing opportunities for science students.