AP/IB Test Scores

General Education

See how your AP and IB test scores will fill general education requirements:

>>Special Credit



A score of 5 on the AP Biology exam will waive BIOL 1610 Fundamental Principles of Biology.



Information on placement into Chemistry courses by AP Chemistry exam can be found here:

>>Chemistry Courses


AP Lab Notebooks

The chemistry department will be accepting AP lab notebooks for evaluation this summer by mail due to COVID-19. Notebooks must include: 1) your name, 2) your uNID, and 3) a table of contents labeling each lab. Please mail in lab notebooks to the following address, postmarked by Friday, July 31.

Department of Chemistry

Attn: Dr. Sushma Saraf

315 S 1400 E

Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Students will receive an email to their Umail account by Monday, August 17, which will also include the pickup location for their notebooks.

Questions about submitting AP lab notebooks can be directed to Tascha Knowlton at natascha.knowlton@utah.edu or Emily Platt at emily.platt@utah.edu.



See how your AP Calculus or IB HL Mathematics scores can be used for math placement:

>>Math Placement by AP Score



Students who have earned a 4 or 5 on the AP Physics C: Mechanics or Electricity and Magnetism have several options for credit and placement. Please meet with the Physics Academic Advisor to discuss your options.