Frontiers of Science

Frontiers of Science The 2020-2021 Frontiers of Science lectures are online only. […]

Debate 2020

STEM students least likely of any subject group to vote in U.S. elections.

Donor Recognition

Thank you for your support of our vibrant community of scientists and mathematicians.

Notebook 2020

The magazine for the students, faculty, alumni and friends of the College of Science.

OurDNA Spring ’20

The Fall 2019 Issue of OurDNA Magazine.

Jordan Herman, PhD’20

Ipsita Saha, graduate research assistant at the Department of Physics & Astronomy uses electron microscopy to reveal the dynamic structure in HIV.

Presidential Scholar

Pearl Sandick has been named a University of Utah Presidential Scholar.

Rapid Response Research

Behind-the-scenes story of an NSF Rapid Response Research grant.

A.A.U. Membership

The University of Utah is one of the newest members of the prestigious Association of American Universities.

College Rankings

College Rankings