Chemistry in Pictures

Chemistry is so much broader than just a list of elements.

Notebook 2021

College magazine features stories on award-winning students, distinguished alumni, donor list, and more.

Birds of the Philippines

University of Utah study determines extinction risk factors for Philippine birds.

Staff: Cyri Dixon

Cyri Dixon wins Outstanding Advisor of 2021!

Our DNA 2021

Biology magazine features stories on plant pandemics, birdsong, retiring faculty, distinguished alumni, and more.

Mysteries of the Universe

A five-year quest to map the universe and unravel the mysteries of dark energy began officially on May 17, 2021.

Let’s Get Kraken

The Sigman Group launches an open-access tool for chemists.

Camille-Dreyfus Award

Luisa Whittaker-Brooks receives Teacher-Scholar award.

PandA Awards

2021 student awards and scholarships for the department of Physics & Astronomy.

NAS Membership

Mary Beckerle receives the significant recognition of NAS membership.