Magnesium Pollution?

Research helps explain Salt Lake City’s persistent air quality problems.

Applied Science Building

Construction has begun on the University of Utah’s new Applied Sciences facility.

Collaboration of the Cited

Biology’s ‘highly cited’ researchers collaborate in forest science.

The Spectrum 2022

Featured: Explosive neutron stars, Utah meteor, fellows of APS, and more.

Aftermath 2022

Featured: Arctic adventures, moiré magic, Christopher Hacon, and more.

Pauling Medal

Distinguished Professor Dr. Cynthia Burrows is the 2022 Pauling Medal awardee.

Art & Air Quality

Public art piece finds common ground in the fight for air quality.

Ichthyosaurs Migrations

Breeding grounds for massive prehistoric marine reptiles.

GSL Meteorite

In order to have a meteorite named, you have to have an institution classify it.

King of the Playa

On a crisp October morning, Kevin Perry pedaled his bike across the Great Salt Lake playa.