Carsten Rott

Carsten Rott appointed to the Jack W. Keuffel Memorial Chair in Physics & Astronomy.

Mission Unstoppable

Mixing chemistry and martial arts for CBS television.

Priyam Patel

Visualizing the Topology of Surfaces

COVID Connections

Creating opportunity during COVID-19

Dean’s Update

The latest updates from Dean Peter Trapa.

Giant Poisonous Rats

The secret social lives of giant poisonous rats.

A Catalyst for Safety

Chemistry labs lead the way in university safety.

Beckman Scholar

Sonia Sehgal awarded prestigious Beckman Scholarship

Frontiers of Science

Established in 1967 by University of Utah alumnus and Physics Professor Peter Gibbs. By 1970, the University had hosted 10 Nobel laureates for public Frontiers lectures. By 1993, when Gibbs retired, the Frontiers organizers had hosted another 20 laureates. Today, Frontiers of Science is the longest continuously-running lecture series at the University of Utah.

Next-Gen Astronomy

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey is providing groundbreaking insight into the formation and evolution of galaxies.