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science now: bringing world-class research to your Utah high school



SCIENCE NOW brings high school physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics curriculum to life by connecting students to research scientists

Students get an insider’s look at research at the University of Utah College of Science and an opportunity to indulge their curiosity about the natural world, innovation, and the future of science by engaging with elite researchers and scholars.

SCIENCE NOW, established 2020, is a College of Science program that is delivered online, using asynchronous and synchronous tools.



Audience: We recommend SCIENCE NOW for students in grades 9-12 who are enrolled in physics, mathematics, biology, and/or chemistry (Honors, Advance Placement, and IB students preferred). Parents, faculty, administrators, and advisors are also invited. A SCIENCE NOW event is intended for groups of at least 20 students, up to 100.

Our scientists: 4 research scholars representing each department in the College of Science: 3 scientists (a biologist, chemist, and physicist or astronomer) and a mathematician. Scholars selected for your event are exceptional communicators and educators, highly relatable, and engaged in research that is newsworthy and accessible to a general audience.



SCIENCE NOW is delivered virtually, using event pages customized to the needs of your school. Click on the tabs below to learn more about the synchronous and asynchronous event tools used to connect high school classes to our research scientists.

On the SCIENCE NOW webpages, your students will be introduced to our researchers through research scholar profiles, which will include:

  • Mainstream news features
  • Video lab tours
  • and more!





Introducing Research in the College of Science

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