Chemistry in Pictures

Chemistry is so much broader than just a list of elements.

Birds of the Philippines

University of Utah study determines extinction risk factors for Philippine birds.

Mysteries of the Universe

A five-year quest to map the universe and unravel the mysteries of dark energy began officially on May 17, 2021.

Addressing Covid-19 Impacts in Faculty Review Materials

Covid impact statements for faculty.

Let’s Get Kraken

The Sigman Group launches an open-access tool for chemists.

Camille-Dreyfus Award

Luisa Whittaker-Brooks receives Teacher-Scholar award.

NAS Membership

Mary Beckerle receives the significant recognition of NAS membership.

AAAS Membership

Valeria Molinero joins the prestigious ranks of the American Academy.

Patterns in Sound

Exciting new math research by Fernando Guevara Vasquez.

Amanda Cangelosi

Amanda Cangelosi, instructor (lecturer) in the Mathematics Department, has received the 2021 Early Career Teaching Award from the University of Utah.