Convocation Ceremony

May 2, 2024, 1:30 pm
Jon M. Huntsman Center

Tickets for the Convocation Ceremony are not required, and seating is first-come, first-served. If guests or students need accommodations, please contact



Convocation Reception

May 2, 2024, 3:00 - 4:30 pm
Cleone Peterson Eccles Alumni House
155 South Central Campus Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Appetizers and beverages will be served.



Graduation Cord

There are two ways to earn a graduation cord. Starting on April 15th, cords can be picked up at the Advising Hive in the Crocker Science Center during Advising Hive hours.

U Career Success Cord

The U Career Success cord is available to anyone that completes the survey.  The Advising Hive will have a list of graduates that filled out the survey and will mark them off the list when they pick up their cord.

Sustainability Cord

Please complete this form and be prepared to show the Advising Hive proof of completion.



Convocation Ceremony Line Up Information

Students can line up starting at 12:30 pm in the Central Garage & Playfield. All students need to be in the Central Garage & Playfield by 1:00 pm.

  • Please do not bring bags or a purse
  • The Central Garage is slightly northwest from the Huntsman Center, about a 2 minute walk
  • You'll be given a card to fill out your name in the Central Garage & Playfield, this is what will be read prior to you receiving your diploma. Hang on to it throughout the ceremony
  • Every student participating in the Convocation Ceremony will walk through a magnetron (or metal detector)
  • Once the procession is ready to begin, the University Police Department will walk with the procession on either side until they reach the start of the West Tunnel to ensure no one joins the line mid-procession
  • Any graduates that arrive late will be wanded in by security at the West Tunnel




Convocation Parking

Campus parking lots may be used at no charge during the University Commencement and College Convocation ceremonies. Please see the commencement parking map to view parking lot locations, campus shuttle, and Utah Transit Authority (UTA) TRAX train stops. Because campus parking is limited, we encourage the use of UTA TRAX as you plan to attend these events. The use of TRAX while on campus is free both days, but fare is still required for any off-campus travel.




Jon M. Huntsman Facility Policy

To ensure safety for all attendees, be advised graduates and guests are required to walk through a metal detector prior to entering the Jon M. Huntsman Center for the University Commencement ceremony. Guests are discouraged from bringing bags with them to the event or encouraged to place their belongings in a clear bag.

No strollers will be allowed inside the Jon M. Huntsman Center.





Student Stories

Goldwater Scholars 2024

Goldwater Scholars

Luke Reuschel

Anna Tang

Jessica Venegas

Melissa Hardy

Amir Hosseini

Ty Mellor

Sage Blackburn

Research Scholar

Phi Beta Kappa

Fulbright Scholar

Outstanding Graduate Student

Research Scholar

Outstanding Post-Doc

NSF Fellowship

Outstanding Post-Doc

NSF Fellowship

Outstanding Undergraduate

Student Researcher

Goldwater Scholar

Savannah Romney

Audrey Brown

Eliza Diggins

Sarmishta Kannan

Sahar Kanishka

2021 Churchill Scholar

2021 Research Scholar

Josh Carroll

Vignesh Iyer

Kyle Kazemini

Brennan Mahoney

Sonia Sehgal

Women in Mathematics

Jordan Herman

HIV Microscopy

2020 Research Scholar

Dominique Pablito

2020 Churchill Scholar

Goldwater Winner

Goldwater Winner

Ana Rosas

Alex Acuna

Dalley Cutler

Jessica Stanley

Sahar Kanishka

Quaid Harding

Rachel Cantrell

Cameron Owen 2018 Churchill Scholar

2019 Churchill Scholar

2018 Churchill Scholar

2017 Churchill Scholar

2016 Churchill Scholar


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