Convocation Ceremonies, May 4, 2023

"The world awaits you and needs you, each and every one of you.  Your career, your family, your entire life, all unspool into an endless frontier of infinite possibility, and it’s your imagination that is the best window into your future. You will take what you learned in the Colleges of Science and Mines and Earth Sciences, the technical and the abstract, what you learned from your friendships and experiences at the U, and apply it in new ways that none of us, except for you, can imagine.  Embrace the change and opportunities as they come, and seek out new discoveries and challenges.  I’m so excited, and so proud, for all of you." 

Dean Peter Trapa

Student Stories

Goldwater Scholars

Luke Reuschel

Anna Tang

Jessica Venegas

Melissa Hardy

Amir Hosseini

Ty Mellor

Sage Blackburn

Research Scholar

Phi Beta Kappa

Fulbright Scholar

Outstanding Graduate Student

Research Scholar

Outstanding Post-Doc

NSF Fellowship

Outstanding Post-Doc

NSF Fellowship

Outstanding Undergraduate

Student Researcher

Goldwater Scholar

Savannah Romney

Audrey Brown

Eliza Diggins

Sarmishta Kannan

Sahar Kanishka

2021 Churchill Scholar

2021 Research Scholar

Josh Carroll

Vignesh Iyer

Kyle Kazemini

Brennan Mahoney

Sonia Sehgal

Women in Mathematics

Jordan Herman

HIV Microscopy

2020 Research Scholar

Dominique Pablito

2020 Churchill Scholar

Goldwater Winner

Goldwater Winner

Ana Rosas

Alex Acuna

Dalley Cutler

Jessica Stanley

Sahar Kanishka

Quaid Harding

Rachel Cantrell

Cameron Owen 2018 Churchill Scholar

2019 Churchill Scholar

2018 Churchill Scholar

2017 Churchill Scholar

2016 Churchill Scholar


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