U of U STEM safety day

STEM Safety Day brings faculty, staff and experts together from throughout campus offer trainings and updates on laboratory, clinical, classroom and workplace safety.



Shelly Beck
Assistant Professor, Department of Health & Kinesiology
Shelly Beck is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) for the Department of Health and Kinesiology at the University of Utah. Shelly has been instructing pre-hospital emergency courses for over 20 years. During this time Shelly has also worked as an Advanced EMT in many pre-hospital settings; specializing in event and mass gathering emergency response.
John Bird
University Fire Prevention Specialist
John Bird is the Fire Prevention Specialist for the University of Utah.

Aaron Fogelson
Safety Committee Chair, Department of Mathematics
Aaron Fogelson is the Safety Committee Chair for the University of Utah Department of Mathematics. Aaron is also a College of Science Safety Committee member.
Mary Handy
Assoc. Director, Asst. Radiation Safety Officer, Environmental Health & Safety
Mary Handy is a Health Physicist with nearly 30 years of experience in radiation safety. With a strong background in ionizing and non-ionizing hazards, she has established herself as a highly skilled and respected professional in this field. Throughout her career, Mary has worked with a diverse range of service industries, including academic, consulting, energy production, and as a government subcontractor. She also serves as a Co-Chair of the ANSI Z136.8 (Safe Use of Lasers in Research, Development, or Testing). She is committed to safety and compliance, and continues to works towards being a liaison with the demands of the safety industry and the needs of the customer. Mary holds a MS in Environmental Engineering with a Health Physics emphasis from the University of Florida, and regularly participates in Health Physics and Laser Safety professional conferences.
Isabelle Harward
Manager of Educational Laboratory Facilities, Crocker Science Center
Isabelle has been working in the scientific field for the past 12 years in industrial and government labs in the fields of Chemistry and Biology. She was previously the Laboratory Manager for the Material Science and Engineering department and has recently transitioned into Laboratory Manager for the College of Science. Unsurprisingly, she loves cats.

Steve Hawker
Account Manager, Fisher Scientific
Account Manager for Fisher Scientific, Research & Safety Division.

Clint Haymond
University Fire Marshal
Clint Haymond is the Fire Marshal for the University of Utah.

Chris Hunter
Assistant Biosafety Officer
Chris Hunter completed his B.S. in Biology at the University of Utah in 1997. Chris began his career at the University of Utah in 1999. During his time at the “U” Chris has been involved with research on campus, serving as a laboratory technician and/or laboratory manager to a few of the laboratories on campus. In 2022 Chris joined the Environmental Health and Safety Department as the Assistant Biosafety Officer and serves as an IBC Administrator.
EHS Compliance Team
The EHS Compliance Team is comprised of Safety Compliance Manager Alicia Duprey-Gatrell, Compliance Specialist Jill Frei and Compliance Specialist Nathan Barlow. The EHS Safety Compliance team is responsible for the improvement, updates and questions regarding the Safety Administrative Management System (SAM). They provide compliance services to both EHS and the larger University Community.
Larhonda Johnson Horton
Director for Student Support and Accountability, Office of the Dean of Students
LaRhonda Johnson Horton currently serves as the Director for Student Support and Accountability at the University of Utah. She is an experienced educator, thought leader and higher education administrator. As a practitioner, she supports individuals and institutions with proactively identifying, appropriately responding, and optimally resolving challenges. LaRhonda is dedicated to educating the university community on how to be effective leaders with regards to student support and accountability practices encompassing research, best practices, and well-being strategies. Johnson-Horton earned a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Elon University and a Master of Education in College Student Personnel Administration from James Madison University.
Reggie Johnson
Police Sergeant, University Police
Reggie began his Law Enforcement career at the UUPD in 1993 where he served as both a Patrol Officer and Bike Officer. Reggie eventually left the dept. and went on to complete his career with the West Valley City Police Dept., serving in such roles as Patrol Officer, Traffic Investigator, School Resource Officer (SRO) and retired as Detective. Reggie returned to work with the UUPD in 2020, working in patrol and the depts. Peer Support Team. Reggie is currently the Sergeant in the Community Outreach Program (C.O.P) and U’s Athletic Liaison Officer.
Wil Mace
Research Manager, Dept. of Geology & Geophysics
Wil is a Research Manager in Geology and Geophysics with specialties in mass spectrometry and groundwater hydrology. He has done work in many areas around Utah, Yellowstone National Park, and Kenya, and he approaches Safety – particularly field safety – in a dynamic way; in that it is never done. There are always improvements that can be made, and every field session should be used as a learning experience for the next.
Pamela Manglona
Health Physicist, U of U Environmental Health & Safety
Pamela is a Health Physicist with the Radiation Safety Division of the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Department where she oversees the research use of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation-producing equipment, radiation security, and radioactive waste management program at the U. She also serves as the Assistant Laser Safety Officer for the laser safety program. Pamela has a B.S. Applied Physics from University of the Philippines and a M.S. Health Physics from Idaho State University.
Tom Marston
Supervisory Hydrologist, Studies Section at the United States Geological Survey
Tom has worked for the USGS for 15 years and has been responsible for a wide range of hydrologic studies in the state of Utah as well as the Intermountain West of the United States. Tom received both his Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees from the University of Utah in the College of Mines and Earth Sciences in 2007 and 2009. As part of his duties with the USGS, Tom served as the Utah Water Science Center Collateral Duty Safety Program Coordinator for 4 years. This position is responsible for maintaining and implementing the safety plan for the Science Center as well as performing annual safety audits for OSHA compliance.
Jim Muller
Executive Director of Facilities Management, College of Science
Jim helps oversee the facility-related operations of the Crocker Science Center. He works with building occupants, project managers, architects and contractors to facilitate renovation, infrastructure upgrades and new construction projects for the College of Science.
Alex Mumphrey
Lauren McCluskey Foundation volunteer
Steve Natrop
Hazardous Materials Manager, Environmental Health & Safety
Steve Natrop is the Hazardous Materials Manager for Environmental Health and Safety at the University of Utah.

Brandon Newell
Occupational Safety Manager, Environmental Health & Safety
Brandon first started working in the realm of safety in the Air Force, where he worked as a quality assurance inspector in the explosives safety field. After leaving the Air Force Brandon returned to finish his undergrad education at Weber State University, majoring in Microbiology. After graduating, he was hired by EHS at the University of Utah as a Lab Safety Inspector. He went on to hold several other positions on the EHS team including Safety Specialist before moving into his current Safety Manager position in which he oversees EHS’s team of safety specialists and works on various safety program and infrastructure issues.
Elaine Newton
Education Coordinator for Office of Equal Opportunity
Elaine joined the OEO in September 2022 from the world of non-profit. She has been an adult educator for 7 years and is committed to adult learning practices in all education settings. Elaine will be discussing the University’s non-discrimination policy and reviewing equity recommendations from higher edu research.
Emily O'Hagan
Deputy Regulated Waste Manager
Emily works alongside labs to manage unwanted materials from generation to pickup to final disposal. She can help with the SAM system, chemical storage, and shipping dangerous goods along with Steve Natrop. She studied chemistry at the U and is excited to help educate the community about chemical safety and what happens to chemicals once they leave the lab.
Ricardo Rodrigues
Occupational Safety Specialist, Environmental Health & Safety
Ricardo Rodrigues is an Occupational Safety Specialist for Environmental Health & Safety at the University of Utah.
Stormy Sideria
Emergency Management Specialist, U of U Dept. of Public Safety
Stormy joined the University of Utah Emergency Management team in February of 2020. During the University's response to COVID-19, Stormy has been an integral leader in emergency operations and planning. She served over seven years in the U.S. Army, specializing in recovery operations. Stormy carries five years of medical first response experience as an AEMT working for the Brigham City Fire Department. Before arriving at the U, Stormy worked private security for Westinghouse and Goldman Sachs. Stormy has a BA in Emergency and Disaster Management and a BS in Psychology.
Dan Smith
Police Officer III, University Police
As a police officer with 18 years of experience, Dan has served in several capacities from Patrol and Investigations Sergeant to School Resource Officer to Gang Detective and current head of a UVU post where he is the supervisor over Combative and Fitness. Here at the University of Utah, Dan works as FTO, COP officer and Head of Combatives.
Jen Stones
Associate Director, Occupational Health & Safety
Jen Stones is the Associate Director of Occupational Safety for the University of Utah Environmental Health & Safety. Jen has a wide breadth of knowledge in EHS programs including industrial hygiene, hazardous materials, regulatory auditing and health and safety training.
Agnes Szarzec-Larsen
Safety Generalist/ESH Coordinator, Argonne National Labs
Agnes Szarzec-Larsen is a Deployed Environment, Safety and Health Coordinator for the Material Science Division and the Quantum Foundry at Argonne National Laboratory. Her past work titles include Hazard Analyst with the Office of Emergency Management at Argonne National Laboratory, and as Senior Laboratory Specialist in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Utah. During her more than ten years of experience, Agnes developed valuable skills in implementation of work planning and control processes, including evaluation of work activities, identification of hazards, and controls to mitigate risks and exposures. She has extensive knowledge of laboratory and chemical safety with specific application of ESH requirements and standards. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science, both in chemistry from the University of Utah.
Peter Trapa
Dean, College of Science
Peter E. Trapa is the Dean of the College of Science. He oversees all aspects of the college, and is responsible for the college’s student success initiatives, academic programming, research activity, faculty, and staff.

David Thomas
Director of Safety, College of Science
In partnership with EHS, David works with all members of the Colleges of Science and Mines and Earth Sciences community to address safety concerns, advance new safety initiatives and promote a culture of safety.

Lauren Weitzman
Special Assistant to AVP for Health and Wellness in Student Affairs
Lauren Weitzman currently serves as special assistant to the AVP for Health & Wellness in Student Affairs and is completing a phased retirement from the U at the end of June. She was formerly director of the University Counseling Center. Lauren received her B.S. degree in Psychology from the University of Utah and her PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. A licensed psychologist, Lauren brings her expertise in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, grief/loss, and work-life integration to her private practice.
Taylor Wilson
Emergency Management Specialist, U of U Dept. of Public Safety
Taylor joined the University of Utah Emergency Management team in November of 2021. Before coming to the U, Taylor worked as an Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management COVID-19 Intern in Killeen, Texas. He specialized in the response and mitigation of COVID-19 and Testing and Vaccine Clinics. Taylor has first-hand emergency response experience after responding to Hurricane Harvey, Winter Storm Uri, and the Bastrop Complex Level Fire. He holds a bachelor's degree in emergency services administration with an emphasis in emergency leadership.
Catie Yonto
Health and Kinesiology Graduate Assistant TA, PEAK Health & Fitness, OSHER Center for Integrative Health
Catie is currently in the Health Education Specialist and Wellness Coaching master's program at the University of Utah. Her main interest is chronic care and hopes to work in Cardiac Rehab upon completion. In the past 10 years, she has worked in nonprofits teaching environmental education at botanical gardens and nature centers. When Catie is not facilitating wellness coaching sessions, she is likely hiking or bird-watching with her dog and husband.